3 Essential Elements for Creating Big Audacious Goals for Ascending Your Life to Greater Heights, Ep 12

Posted on March 23, 2023

In this podcast, MrRogers discusses critical elements for creating Big Audacious Goals for leading the life you want. He takes us through three areas of focus: individual mental and physical health and having a support group to count on in life. Additionally, MrRogers recommends tying goals and objectives to Taking Action in fulfilling them. Setting goals is a personal project. MrRogers recommends each person create an individualized format for personal goals, family, business objectives, emotional health, diet, exercise, education, finance, vacations, etc. Get specific with your goals and measure them throughout the year. Decide what timeframe works for you to measure your goals, for example, every two weeks, every month, every quarter, etc. Work out a system that works best for you, and you can make substantial changes and gains in your life and work. Take Action to achieve your best results.