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Here’s Where We Have Lively, And Direct Discussions Of Issues Affecting Our Businesses & Our Lives: Economy, Labor Shortage, Inflation, Recession, Housing Affordability, Social Issues & more

3 Essential Elements for Creating Big Audacious Goals for Ascending Your Life to Greater Heights, Ep 12

In this podcast, MrRogers discusses critical elements for creating Big Audacious Goals for leading the life you want. He takes us through three areas of focus: individual mental and physical health and having a support group to count on in life. Additionally, MrRogers recommends tying goals and objectives to Taking Action in fulfilling them. Setting goals is a personal project. MrRogers recommends each person create an individualized format for personal goals, family, business objectives, emotional health, diet, exercise, education, finance, vacations, etc. Get specific with your goals and measure them throughout the year. Decide what timeframe works for you to measure your goals, for example, every two weeks, every month, every quarter, etc. Work out a system that works best for you, and you can make substantial changes and gains in your life and work. Take Action to achieve your best results.

Posted on March 23, 2023

Set Boundaries, Draw the Line, and Break Up for the Common Good, Ep 11

In this podcast, MrRogers helps bring us together in personal and professional lives and society for the good of all. He discusses where we might break up with people and situations that no longer serve our greater good. Will also suggests we take personal inventory of our goals and boundaries and build a supportive community around us. Take personal inventory, create personal boundaries, consider the boundaries of others, create your goals, and have mutual goals and shared vision. Be sure to catch this one.

Posted on March 23, 2023

6 Principles to Bridging the Divide and Building Unity, Ep 10

In this episode of ASCENDING THOUGHTS, 'MrRogers,' Will Rogers delivers his 6-Point Plan for Bridging the Divide in life, business, and society. It takes all of us to show empathy for one another, listen, see, and hear each other to create unity. Will discusses the issues of empathy, reconciliation, building common ground, the value of Education, and other essentials for creating a more unified world.

Posted on December 9, 2022

Coping Strategies for Financial Anxiety, Ep 9

In this episode of ASCENDING THOUGHTS, 'MrRogers,' Will Rogers addresses the financial anxieties of today and their effects on our mental health. These are times of economic distress for many when mental health issues arise due to the high cost of living, out-of-control housing prices, employment concerns, and more.

Posted on December 9, 2022

Tackling the Enormous Fears of Rising Inflation, Risk of Recession, and Rising Interest Rates, Ep 8

In this episode of ASCENDING THOUGHTS, 'MrRogers', Will Rogers takes on the massive fears of the day. Rising Inflation, Risk of Recession, and Rising Interest Rates are holding people back in life these days, and the truth is there ARE opportunities to be had. One way to stave off anxiety is to rebuild face-to-face connections with family and friends, not only on social media. Human connection is an antidote to healing the fear and anxieties of the day. Build your value, build your skills, and your future for a better life – be the captain of your destiny. We're in this together. Let’s get through these turbulent times together.

Posted on December 9, 2022

Addressing a Volatile Economy with a Contrarian Mindset – Find the Opportunities, Ep 7

In this podcast of ASCENDING THOUGHTS, 'MrRogers,' Will Rogers tackles issues of inflation/recession by elaborating on fuel, energy efficiency, the 15% Corporate Minimum Tax, and how to think strategically and develop a contrarian mindset for finding opportunities. In these volatile times, taking responsibility and ownership is essential for becoming strategic players in our lives through available choices.

Posted on December 9, 2022