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Sterling Tax Advisors

Personal & Family Services Division of William Rogers Company
Tax Services, Estate Planning, Trusts & Wealth Strategies

We hold you and your family in high esteem. And it is our absolute promise to work with you in creating the legacy you desire. At Sterling Tax Advisors, count on THE Trusted Advisors for your Estate Planning, Trusts, Family Wealth Preservation and Protection, and the comprehensive Tax Services in Southern California and beyond.

After all, most of us work a lifetime to develop careers, businesses, and earnings to sustain ourselves and our families for life. Working with Sterling is confidential and can be an emotional experience when establishing family estates, trusts, and all we do for you. We walk you through every aspect of the process and provide our full support.

At Sterling, we save you the hassle of Tax preparation and filing. After all, we know the ever-changing tax regulations and provide the most accurate outcomes for you year after year. Taxes have become more detailed and complicated, and it takes experts to find every deduction you deserve. It’s to your advantage to call on Sterling to work in your best interest.

Tax, Trusts, and Estate Services for Individuals & Families

We’re People Working with and for People

Listening and Relating to Your Needs

Achieving Optimal Results for You and Your Family

Our use of technology makes for increased efficiency, accuracy, and flexible delivery opportunities. While we use technology to our best advantage, we pledge to communicate directly with you as is essential in our work together.

We appreciate serving current clients and look forward to meeting and serving you new clients.

Taking You and Your Family to New Heights of Wealth Protection & Preservation

We’re here to help with a full scope of services for you and your family:

  • Individual Federal 1040
  • State Tax Returns
  • Delinquent Tax Returns
  • Estate and Trust Tax Returns
  • File Delinquent Forms
  • Resolve Tax Collections
  • Tax Return Resolutions
  • Audit/Appeals Representation
  • Trust & Estate Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Accounting for Trust Income & Expense
  • Record Keeping for Trusts & Estates
  • Fiduciary Support Services
  • Let us know what you need help you

Service of Excellence & Innovation

It is our culture to continue learning, growing, and staying up with the times. Frankly, our innovative progress is to your benefit. Client Care is the top priority in our book. At Sterling, we listen to you. We show you the respect and care you deserve.

Because we are big on digital technology, we are flexible and work with you where you are. We make your transactions as easy as possible for you, and if we need to pick up or deliver documents or meet with you, that’s what we do. We want you comfortable in all our transactions together.

Watch and come along with us for new and exciting things as we enter Metaverse, Web3, Cryptocurrency, and more.