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Big group of isolated small people in a line
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Big group of isolated small people in a line
It’s time to start a community in which we foster the entrepreneurial spirit in everyday people. It is my belief that each and every one of us possesses an “inner entrepreneur” that is waiting to be unleashed. It has been my lifelong work to inspire entrepreneurialism in ordinary people.

Entrepreneurialism not only can create endless business opportunities, but it can also transform the communities and society that we live in.

A shot of two businesswomen working in the officeEntrepreneurialism is not just about the single-minded dedication to making money, or following the next “get rich quick scheme”. Without a doubt, successful entrepreneurs have the potential to earn wealth beyond their wildest dreams. However, we don’t become entrepreneurs solely to make money. Money and profits are the rewards that entrepreneurs earn for delivering exceptional value to the people and communities whom they serve.

Senior man who owns a house painting business in his shop.Instead, entrepreneurs are driven to make a difference. Whether it’s small in scale, or utterly revolutionary, entrepreneurs have a sincere belief that they can change the world. Although it may be difficult for any single person to change the world, collectively we can all make a contribution that will change the world!

What is entrepreneurialism? Entrepreneurialism is a thinking process about how to solve problems where others have failed. It is “out-of-the-box”, innovative solutions to problems. Entrepreneurs are effectual thinkers. They don’t look at a problem to see if it can or can’t be done. But rather, they look at a problem to see how to make it work.

ASCEND-Business-Services“Entrepreneurial thinking” can be used to solve many of the problems that we face in society today. Whether it is solving income inequality, reforming our education system, or creating affordable access to healthcare; entrepreneurs can and do solve big problems. At a time in our nation’s history, when we are faced by numerous challenges, now is the time to unleash the entrepreneur in us all to solve our nation’s problems. Whether you are trying to find a job, improve the quality of life in your community, or solve the bigger crises that our nation faces, there are entrepreneurial solutions to all of these issues. We are not bound by the constraints of other people’s attitudes and beliefs about what is and what is not possible.

We embrace all points of view and our master rule is to show respect and courtesy to other members. And most importantly, we do not belittle any idea offered by anyone. Our purpose is to offer constructive feedback for the growth of all. We are not married to any point of view or philosophy. Remember this, in order to be a successful entrepreneur you must be able to embrace all possible solutions, even if they go against your traditional beliefs.

We’re in this together, and together we can create a destination site for entrepreneurs at any level of their business. Together we grow and ascend to greater heights.

Thank you,

William E. Rogers, MBA, CFP, EAWatch
ASCEND Business Advisory

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