How to Build Company Culture in 7 Easy Steps

How to Build Company Culture in 7 Easy Steps
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When your company culture suffers, so does your business, from team morale to productivity, to the bottom line. Consider how your culture affects the way you interact with your customers and the experience you’re creating. According to Deloitte, “94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.” Employees see corporate culture as just as important a clear business strategy. So how can you build company culture for your business? Here are seven simple steps to doing so.

How to Build Company Culture

There’s no faster way to turn a company around than by creating a positive company culture. We’ve seen it so many times with our own clients. When you build company culture and get everyone working — enthusiastically — together, great things happen. So, how do you build that culture? Here are seven simple steps:

  1. Purpose: When your company has a purpose, a raison d’etre, it will inspire the whole team and create a focused culture — that one heartbeat. Make sure this is clear in your Mission, Vision, and Values statements. 
  2. Feedback: Get honest feedback from your team as to where your culture is today. Run an anonymous survey. Have discussions. And once you’ve built your company culture, continue to get this feedback to keep it on track. 
  3. HIring and Job Duties: Your company culture IS your people. Make the right hires and make sure people are in the right positions. People who come to work excited, motivated, and ready to go will create an meaningful culture.
  4. Team Building: Once you have the right team, have some fun. Fun is allowing for appropriate social time at work. Think ping-pong tables of friendly competitions. But also plan for regular team-building activities.
  5. Collaboration: Don’t fall into the trap of allowing each of your departments — Sales, Marketing, FInance, Engineering, HR — to work in a bubble. Create a collaborative environment where input is valued from all areas.
  6. Wellness: Healthy bodies and healthy minds bring positive energy to the team and contribute to a culture of wellness. Consider a wellness program that is fun and not at all shaming.
  7. Leadership EQ: All of this is the responsibility of leadership. Be sure your leadership team is accomplished in Emotional Intelligence and can relate and connect with team members.

Common Mistakes Made When Building a Company Culture

As you asses and create your own company culture, keep an eye out for these common mistakes. You may recognize some of these right away, and they’re all correctable.

  1. Not having a plan or not executing the one you have. It’s a morale killer to have leadership roll out a great plan like this and then never execute. It’s just as hard not to have a plan in the first place.
  2. Leaving the bad apples. Let’s face it, some people just don’t buy into what you’re building. It’s best for all involved to help them move on.
  3. Trying to be something you’re not. Don’t copy another culture. You may love Southwest Airlines, but they spent decades building that culture. Spend the time being true to your own values and create your own culture. 
  4. Poor Communication. This goes two ways. Failing to listen to your team kills a culture. Listen to their feedback. Value them and their contributions. Also, make sure communication flows easily throughout the organization.
  5. Gossip. This is a sure sign that your culture is suffering. Nip it in the bud. Intervene. Clear the air. Stop it in its tracks.
  6. Fraternization. Love happens. But when there’s sneaking around, it kills morale and limits communication.
  7. No Fun. If people aren’t allowed to have fun at work, to let off some steam, to build bonds through friendly competition, then the culture will suffer.

Get Some Advice

So, how’s your company culture these days? Creating a company culture that boosts morale, increases teamwork, and gives purpose to your company will result in real benefits to your company, and you’ll start to notice that in your bottom line.

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