Customer Service: Is It A Thing Of The Past?

Customer Service: Is It A Thing Of The Past?
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Customer service has been on a downward trend since the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, bad experiences are causing them to wonder if customer service will ever get better. As a business, delivering top-tier customer service is still an important strategy to help retain and attract customers. Even if people are reporting worsening customer service,  it’s critical to stay attentive as customers are the lifeline of your business.Why Has Customer Service Become So Bad?

 A 2021 report showed that 80% of consumers reported having a poor customer experience, and 43% said customer service support must be improved. Current disapproval of customer service is largely due to the country’s ongoing labor shortage. After the pandemic, there was a mass exodus of workers from the service industry, and we’re still feeling those effects today. Fewer customer service representatives mean longer wait times, stressed-out workers, and angrier callers. That’s not quite a recipe for customer service success. 

What Are Consumers Looking For In 2022?

In 2022, people are looking for the same thing they’ve always wanted – fast, friendly, and convenient service. They want their questions answered as soon as possible in a helpful way without being put on hold or yelling at a robot over the phone. Of course, technology provides new and innovative ways to provide excellent customer service, which you can read more about below.  

What Is The Number 1 Rule In Customer Service?

There are many rules to customer service, but the number one rule is an adage you’ve heard time and time again: “The customer is always right.” As a business, your customers are king, and satisfying them should always be a top priority. Happy customers lead to repeat buyers. They can also give you leads or new customers. That’s why investing in a high-quality customer service experience is vital to a successful business strategy. 

5 Customer Service Trends After COVID

COVID-19 has changed the way our world works, with a greater emphasis being placed on technology and its ability to make our lives easier. It’s also given us two years to develop new technology for customer service. Here are some of the top customer service trends to watch in 2022: 

  • Live Chat: Live chats on your company’s website provide customers with a fast and easy solution to their problems. Many consumers also prefer to chat, since they avoid the emotions that may occur during a phone call. Try to staff your chat lines heavily so that customers aren’t left waiting too long. 
  • Self-Service: It might seem counterintuitive, but lots of consumers actually want to do some things themselves. Creating a comprehensive self-service center for your customers allows them to take care of simple tasks independently. 
  • Automation: While lots of people hate talking to robots, automation can be used for simple tasks like sending follow-up emails, transferring calls, and intaking online forms data. 
  • Personalized Services: Finding ways to personalize your customer service experience will make consumers feel important to your company. You can personalize customer service by collecting consumer data, treating people with human kindness, and rewarding your most loyal customers. 
  • Protect Customer Data: Ensuring your customers’ data is protected will make them feel secure doing business with your company. 

Retain Your Happy Customers

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