The Great Resignation And Small Business Boom

Resignation Concept The man in light blue shirt standing at the desk and putting the calculator and other stuff into the box.

One of the most surprising side effects of the COVID pandemic has been the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation. Today there are over 11 million job openings in the country but only 7.4 million people draw unemployment benefits. Interestingly, another phenomenon has sprung up, a boom in small business filings. After an initial lockdown… Continue reading The Great Resignation And Small Business Boom

Gig Economy Update: The California Law (AB5)

UPDATE: According the The Guardian, it appears that “Uber and Lyft drivers are bracing for a shutdown in California, one of the rideshare companies’ largest markets.” This is a over the designation of drivers as employees over freelancers. This could have a long-reaching effect on the Gig economy overall. Stay tuned! Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature… Continue reading Gig Economy Update: The California Law (AB5)

The Gig Economy [Infographic]

There’s a Gig knocking at your door. Lyft, Uber, DoorDash, GrubHub, AirBnB…you name it. But the Gig Economy is so much more than these apps. Professionals with decades of experience are going the ‘freelance‘ route to earn money and independence. And they’re doing it with a lot of success. Check out these key statistics on… Continue reading The Gig Economy [Infographic]

I’m Hired! Going Entrepreneur

Gone to launch! You’ve been thinking of leaving that job and starting your own business for a while now. Or maybe that decision was made for you. In either case, the idea of starting your own business is enticing, the good old American Dream! The question is, are you ready? What’s next? Let’s review that.… Continue reading I’m Hired! Going Entrepreneur