Get Help With Living Expenses During COVID-19

Get Help With Living Expenses During COVID-19
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If you need help with living expenses during the COVID-19 crisis, the US Government has several programs and options available to you. has the following assistance available:

  • Rent assistance
  • Student financial aid
  • Aid to military vets and families
  • Help with food and bills
  • Social Security and Retirement

Cutting Personal Expenses During COVID-19

In addition to getting help with your expenses, there are proactive steps you can take to reduce your household budget. 

  1. Create a Budget: This is the first step. You may find expenses you didn’t even know you were paying. Use your bank accounts to see how you’re spending your money. And be honest!
  2. Bundle: Bundle your insurance coverages and your phone/internet/cable.
  3. Cancel Subscriptions: You may have a handful of unnecessary subscriptions that hit your bank account each month. Cancel these.
  4. Transportation: Find places to cut back on gasoline and other car-related expenses.
  5. Food: Use coupons, cut back on app deliveries (like GrubHub and Doordash), and start buying store brand foods.

Reducing Business Expenses During COVID-19

At ASCEND, we’re all about helping businesses. Part of that is a cash budget. That’s something we do for our clients. If your business doesn’t have one, create your cash budget right now. Then, start cutting back on your business expenses:

  1. Payments: Work with your landlord and bank to defer rent or mortgage payments. Do the same with large utilities.
  2. Leases: If you lease any equipment, like copiers/printers, that you don’t really need, cancel those leases. You may also be able to send your workforce home and reduce your rent and other associated costs.
  3. Payroll: Layoffs are an option, but you can also look at an across-the-board reduction in pay so that everybody shares the burden.
  4. Contracts: Work with your vendors to get better pricing and terms.
  5. Insurance: Renegotiate your insurance. With fewer miles driven in the days of COVID, you may be able to get a better rate. Do a review of all policies.

We Can Help

If your business is struggling during this Coronavirus crisis, we can help. We will educate you on the services and help available to individuals and businesses. We can also help you put together your business budget, so that you have a workable plan to get through this. Because we’ll get through this together.

Call now at 888-297-3321 to get things on track.