5 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Customers During COVID-19

5 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Customers During COVID-19
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It’s 2021. Do you know where your customers are? They’re at home, socially distanced, trying to stay healthy and protect their families from the pandemic. They still need you, though. So find ways to stay connected with them during this COVID-19 crisis. Here are a few innovative ways you can do just that.

Innovative Ways To Stay Connected

When your customers aren’t walking through your door, they will look for other ways to connect with your business. Be there for them. 

Here are some ways you can close that pandemic engagement gap with your market.

  1. Regular Updates On Your Website. Train your customers and your prospects to use your website as a hub of information. Share tips on surviving this pandemic using your expertise. Post updates on your business hours, special pandemic services, and news. Let them know what you’re doing to keep them safe and healthy. Along the same lines, keep your Google My Business and other listings updated with current COVID information and hours.
  2. Build Digital Alliances. Cooperate with other businesses to get your news and information out there. Do the same for them. Create a digital network where all support each other. You can do this via email, websites, and social media. As you build these alliances, don’t forget to leverage existing relationships, those who have been there for you all this time. Move those into the digital realm.
  3. Digital Events. If you were doing in-person events before the COVID-19 pandemic, then going digital is a no brainer. However, in these times where staying connected is a challenge, hosting digital events is a great way to stay engaged. Offer how-to events and online mixers. You can even do your own press conference style Q&A to get your market engaged. Launch new, digital versions of your products and services this way.
  4. Boost Social Media Presence. Even if your business has not had a significant presence on social media — ESPECIALLY if it hasn’t — it is now time to engage your market there. Your customers and prospects are going there. They have a lot more time on their hands, and that’s one way they’re filing the time. Now is the time to really get to know your market. Read what they’re saying. Watch what they follow. Engage with them and speak their language. Like any good marketing, focus your messaging on them, not on only your business. Start using new media such as video and podcasting. 
  5. New Lines Of Communication. As you update your website, add new ways for your customers to connect with you. Add Chat, Text/SMS, and Instant Messaging (IM) to the good old standbys of voice, email, and forms. Do you have a fax machine? Use it! Many of these channels can tie right into your social media accounts, providing seamless communication right where your customers spend their time.
  6. BONUS: Deliver Value. It is important for your business to stay in touch with your customers and your market. But what’s in it for them to stay engaged? If you deliver value in your communications, from chat to social media to meaningful website updates, they will keep coming back for more. When you communicate, deliver value.

ASCENDING Communications During The Pandemic

There are many more ways to stay connected with your customers during this pandemic crisis, but we recommend beginning with the six ways listed above. Start with just one. Implement it, and then use it to introduce a second method, and so on. Your customers will eventually find you where they are and close that gap. As you do this, you’ll see your sales and referrals grow.

If you have questions on where to begin or how to align all of this with your business goals, schedule a free consultation with ASCEND Business Advisory. We’re here to help.