How To Re-Open Your Business Post-COVID

How To Re-Open Your Business Post-COVID
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With more and more people getting vaccinated, COVID is seemingly becoming a thing of the past. With COVID, things haven’t been “normal” in so long that it might be somewhat tricky getting back into normal. Here are some tips on how to re-open your business post-COVID. 

How To Re-Open Your Business Post-COVID

There are a few things you can do to make for a smooth reopening:

  • Find out what tier your county is in: This affects what can reopen and at what capacity. There are yellow (minimal), orange(moderate), and red (substantial) tiers. 
  • Be aware of key indicators to determine if you should reopen: This includes adjusted case rates, the number of daily new cases, positivity rate, health equity metric (Positivity rate for HPI quartile 1), and the number of vaccines administered. 
  • Ensure you are prepared for maintaining a healthy workplace: Practice social distancing, wearing a mask, and being hygienic, even as your clientele becomes vaccinated. 
  • Give our office a call at 888-297-3321 and schedule your free consultation: We can help your business. At ASCEND, we offer various business advisory services to make sure you’re ahead of the game. 

The “New Normal” Of Post-covid Business

Small businesses have had to change how they do business due to the pandemic. With this comes a “new normal,” things won’t be the same. 

During COVID, many food businesses transitioned to to-go orders. While these orders may decrease post-COVID, they will remain higher than before. Many people will still opt for the to-go option even though dining in may be an option. 

In addition, the overall occupancy capacity within the business is likely to be limited for some time. This may require some regulation. Hygienic standards are also expected to remain high. Grocery stores or commercial stores, for instance, might disinfect the counter between each customer.

Reopening Your Business After COVID

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises businesses to “plan, prepare, and respond.” They advise employers who are resuming normal or phased activities to update COVID-19 plans accordingly. 

All employers should create a plan that is specific to their workplace, is mindful of all areas and job tasks with potential exposures, and includes measures to eliminate or reduce
such risks.

Talk with employees about planned changes and seek their input. Collaborate with employees and unions to effectively communicate important COVID-19 information. Even though things are opening up, it isn’t as if COVID isn’t around anymore so do what you can to prevent and reduce transmission among employees, maintain healthy business operations, and maintain a healthy work environment.

It might be especially worrisome opening up and getting back to normal if a lot of your employees have transitioned to remote work. You can allow employees the option to return to the office or stay remote if possible. It is important to communicate with employees and really define what that will look like. 

The Director Of HR at BambooHR says deciding on the right time should include evaluating three key business aspects:

  • The impact on business outcomes while considering unique or seasonal timing and other factors. 
  • Resource limits. If you have a lot of employees, don’t try to get them all back in a day. It’d be difficult to bring back say 500 employees in one day. There will be unplanned needs for resources.
  • Individual readiness. Individual employees may still have personal health concerns or issues. Be accommodating and communicate your transition plans early. Welcome employees’ feedback.

Ascend Can Help

We offer business advisory services to help your business thrive, especially in these times when things have been changing so frequently. We are here to help you navigate and grow with the “new normal.” This is why we offer a complimentary consultation! If you have questions about your business or need some key advice, schedule your free, no-strings-attached consultation to get answers now. Visit our website or give us a call at 888-297-3321.