Ways to Attract Younger Workers Today

Ways to Attract Younger Workers Today
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Are you having difficulty attracting and retaining younger workers? Younger Millennials and Gen Z are the newest generations currently entering the workforce. For many employers, figuring out the best way to recruit, hire, and work with employees from these generations has been a tough nut to crack. But there are several ways to attract younger workers today – you just have to know the best ones. 

How Do You Recruit Younger Workers?

Recruiting has made leaps and bounds over the past few years, with new technologies and platforms making it easier to find a talented pool of candidates. If you’re looking to recruit young workers, social media is a great place to start. Most job seekers, including younger ones, use LinkedIn in their job search. 

You should also highlight the benefits of working at your company on your organization’s social media accounts. Post about your great benefits, work-life balance, or flexible work schedules to attract younger workers. 

Ways to Attract Younger Workers

Not sure how to attract younger workers to your company? Here are some of the things that Gen Z and young Millennials are looking for in their job searches: 

  1. Opportunities for growth. Younger workers are often at the forefront of their careers. Those with high ambitions will want a workplace that can offer them the chance to learn and grow, not do more of what they’ve already been doing. You can attract young workers by demonstrating a clear path for growth in a position. 
  2. Work-life balance. More young Millennials and Gen Zs place a high value on work-life balance than past generations have. Gone are the days of not setting personal boundaries at work. Younger workers today want an established work-life balance where they can feel part of the culture but still have their personal lives to get back to. 
  3. Hybrid work environments. Younger workers appreciate flexibility in the work environment. For many, that means fully remote work. But for other younger workers, a hybrid option offers the best of both worlds. With hybrid work, young workers can have some days at home but still get the opportunity to make the in-person connections they’ll need to advance in their careers. 
  4. Wellness benefits. Another top priority of young job seekers is personal wellness. Today, companies attempt to meet this need in many ways. For example, you may offer a wellness bonus, access to free mental health services, reimbursement for things like gym memberships or wellness purchases, or an allotted number of mental health/wellness days. 
  5. Competitive wages. Inflation continues to rise in the United States, and most young workers aren’t going to leave their current job if you can’t offer them a higher salary. With the labor shortage, it’s a job seekers market. Stepping up your offers will significantly improve your candidate pool. 

What are Younger Workers Looking For? 

Younger workers are looking for a job that makes them feel like what they’re doing matters. They highly value work-life balance, flexibility, and the opportunity to grow and learn in a position. 

What Motivates Younger Employees to Succeed?

Similar to other generations, younger employees are most motivated to succeed when you show interest in their growth and development. A younger worker who feels like their contributions and opinions matter will feel more responsible for the work they do and will be more likely to work harder and achieve more. 

Professional Consultants: Attract Younger Workers 

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