How To Hire & Lead The “Yeah, No” Generation Workers

How To Hire & Lead The "Yeah, No" Generation Workers
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Comedian Kathleen Madigan recently referred to the Generation Z workers (Zoomers) as the “Yeah, No” workers. They aren’t likely to stick around in a workplace that isn’t right for them, unlike their Gen X parents who stayed on through blind loyalty. Not these kids! So, how do you get a “Yeah, No” worker to be a great team member?

Who Are The Gen-Zers (Zoomers)?

Generation Z workers were born between 1997 and 2012, and they are just starting to enter the workforce. These Zoomers are the first generation to grow up with technology as a primary part of their lives. They have always had smartphones, social media, and the internet at their fingertips. They are also known for being more diverse and accepting than previous generations, and they value social justice and equality. As employees, they are typically more independent and entrepreneurial, with a desire for meaningful work that aligns with their values.

How Do I Attract More Gen Z Hires?

To attract Generation Z employees, you need to understand what they value. They are attracted to companies that are socially responsible and have a purpose beyond just making money. They also value flexibility and work-life balance, so consider offering remote work options or flexible schedules. Additionally, they are interested in opportunities for growth and development, so make sure to provide clear paths for advancement and invest in their training and development.

One effective way to attract Gen-Zers is through social media. They are more likely to find and apply for jobs through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram than through traditional job search websites. Consider posting job openings on these platforms and showcasing your company culture and values through your social media presence.

How To Get The Most From Generation Z Employees?

Generation Z employees thrive with autonomy and opportunities to take ownership of their work. They are also highly collaborative and value teamwork, so create a culture that encourages collaboration and communication. Provide regular feedback and recognition for their contributions to keep them engaged and motivated.

Additionally, make sure to provide opportunities for growth and development. Gen-Zers value continuous learning and want to build their skills and knowledge. Consider offering training and mentorship programs, as well as opportunities to work on challenging projects and take on leadership roles.

What Is Most Important To Gen Z Employees?

Generation Z employees value work that aligns with their personal values and beliefs. They want to work for companies that have a purpose beyond just making money and are socially responsible. They also value work-life balance and flexibility, as well as opportunities for growth and development. Providing a positive and inclusive work environment is also important to them, as they are more likely to stay with a company that fosters a diverse and inclusive culture.

From “Yeah, No” to “Yeah, Okay!”

Generation Z workers bring unique skills, preferences, and values to the workplace. To attract and retain Gen-Zers, it’s important to understand what they value and create a positive work environment that fosters their growth and development. In creating a workplace that encourages independence and helps these Zoomers exercise their unique talents, you’ll get saying, “Yeah, Okay!” rather than, “Yeah, No.”
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